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Outcomes and Service Results


We regularly assess the quality of our care and treatment by looking at:


  • Its effectiveness

  • Its safety

  • Our residents' experience of care and treatment


We use clinical governance to review and improve our service. We are proud at Thistle Manor of our record of providing effective and safe treatment and care.


Residents that receive our treatment and care rate it 'very highly'. In 2015, residents receiving treatment at Thistle Manor rated the service as 98.8% for 'satisfaction' and 'quality'.


The average length of treatment is 1 year and 6 months based on all discharges since January 2012. 


The majority of our residents step down from Thistle Manor to less restrictive and more independent accommodation in the community. Since 2012,18 residents moved to community supported living; 6 residents returned to home and 1 resident moved to a similar placement back within funding area.

Discharge Rates

Low re-admission rates to acute services

The average length of treatment for the 29 discharges between January 2012 and March 2016 is one year and six months and 86% of these moved to a more independent setting.

Effective Service Delivery

Recovery Star Analysis

The graph (see left) shows the difference between the first Recovery Star and the current / final Recovery Star assessment. A positive number shows improvement and the data collated was based on residents who have completed at least 3 Recovery Star assessments. We use a bespoke system for collection and analysis of assessments that enables our service to provide accurate evidence-based outcomes. 

70% of residents showed improvement between admission to discharge

40% of residents increased by more than 10 points overall on the Recovery Star

Thistle Manor has an excellent track record of discharging individuals to more independent accommodation. Only 4 residents have been re-admitted to acute services directly from Thistle Manor during the last 3 years since January 2012.

Successful Discharge Planning

The graphic above shows the last 29 discharges from the service.

The colours show the nature of the discharge; Green means an individual has been discharged to more independent accommodation (including one individual who moved to a similar service), and Blue means an individual has been readmitted to acute inpatient services.

The number relates to the year of discharge. 

Case Studies

Below are two case studies of residents who have used our service:

Case Study 1

Available to Download Soon

Case Study 2

Available to Download Soon

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