Green Fingers

The warmer weather and more frequent sunny days are helping our plants to grow and the garden is looking lovely. Unfortunately weeds love the warmer weather and the rain too! Our residents and staff have been busy trying to keep digging the weeds from the borders to keep the garden looking tidy. The vegetable patch have been planted and is thriving and we have a healthy and plentiful crop of strawberries. Bowls of the strawberries have been picked by residents - even those who do not normally enjoy gardening.

The area by the bungalow where the edge of the car park meets the fence has been planted with a selection of colourful shrubs and plants which are thriving. As the plants increase in size they will fill the area with colour and scent. 

Residents who are interested in gardening have spoken to staff members and have arranged to have their own section of the garden. We currently have three people who have their own area to cultivate and are hoping for many more over the coming months.

Ian has his own raised bed and is busy growing a selection of vegetables which he will harvest and take home to cook. He has his name down for his own community allotment but there is a long waiting list. Until then he can practice his horticultural skills in his own patch of garden here at Thistle Manor.

Carol has taken over a patch of garden and is growing shrubs and flowers. The area she has chosen is under a tree so she has to be careful to select the correct plants for the growing conditions.


Shantelle, who spends a lot of her time looking after the Thistle Manor rabbits, has started a vegetable patch with foodstuffs that rabbits like to eat. She has planted kale which she will feed to the rabbits once it has grown.

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